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INTERNO 46 exists to transform spaces, making them extraordinary. We aim to help you create the home of your dreams.

We offer every client a complete interior design service, both at home and virtually, for small or large renovations, and have packages to meet every requirement.

We work with you to incorporate ideas about furniture and home accessories, as well as interior architectural modifications and more besides so as to create a unique style for your home.

"Vision is the art of seeing invisible things"

If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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"Transparency and precision
are our keys to customer satisfaction"


At INTERNO 46, we have thought of everything and everyone. 

This package is aimed at clients who wish to renovate properties, preparing them for sale or rent, or for smaller properties. 


It looks at organising your space, adding a touch of design or making small changes.



Are you considering renovating your property but aren’t yet ready to commit to a complete change, or do you simply want to update your environment? 

This is the package for you. 

Whether it is a bedroom - yours or your children’s - a bathroom, a dining room, a living room, or just your wardrobe area or a new kitchen, we are here to help you.


The INTERIOR 46 package is the perfect solution, creating an elegant property that brings together dreams and reality.


This package covers all aspects of a thorough knowledge of your property and adapting it to suit your requirements: its costs, its assets, its technical backbone. 

The only thing you will need is a team of workers; we will take care of the rest* 


Bring your project to life!

You will be able to visualise all aspects of your project live before it is finalised thanks to our realistic and accurate 3D rendering.

We are fully qualified and certified in the leading technologies so that you can enjoy high-quality photographic rendering to support your decision-making before work commences.


It will feel like you have photographed your new space before it is even made! 



What can lower the price?

For all projects: 


  • Spaces larger than 90 m2 are entitled to a 10% discount on the basic price;

  • For spaces exceeding 160 m2, the discount rises to up to 15%;

  • Clients requesting less documentation than that included in the package they have chosen;

What can increase the price?

  • Communication of the project in languages other than English, Polish or Italian;

  • Projects outside Poland and Italy with the need to get to know local producers and offers from foreign online shops;

  • Higher distance of the construction site beyond the kilometrages included in the package that has been chosen;

  • Having to call upon an architect for complex locations such as old buildings;

  • Requests for modifications to the project after the contract has been signed, depending on the package that has been chosen;

  • Requests for documentation exceeding that stipulated by the package;

  • Client requests for additional site visits, beyond those included in the package that has been chosen.

We design all over Poland and many other countries. Online partnerships and cooperation mean that the location of your property is never an obstacle.

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